CIFOTIE’s Tailored Training

Each entity has its own identity, which requires a training plan tailored to its needs.

CIFOTIE prepares for each national or foreign entity, tailored training plans based on three vectors:

  • Flexibility in adapting the different types of training to the reality of each entity, and also a greater ability to adapt to technological, organizational and social change where they
    are inserted;
  • Economy, in use in different forms of training, in the capitalization of the modules or skills, whether they pre-acquired or updating and renewal of knowledge;
  • Effectiveness in the possibility of continuous monitoring of the learning process, and the development of autonomy and self-learning capabilities, as a stimulus to an adequate training of trainees.

Our model is supported by the following work cycle, whether it is a national or foreign entity:


Focused on the suitable professional profiles specifically to the entities and sector where they are inserted.


Guided by a specific training tailored to the entity which promotes of the training, capitalizing and qualifying.


Founded by the flexibility and oriented to the specific needs of each entity.


Animated by a success teaching, always with the goal of employee and employer satisfaction.


Evaluation of the knowledge and continuously of the Training.


At the end of Course / Training Action a professional training certificate will be delivered.


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