Presentation of CIFOTIE

CIFOTIE is a nonprofit, certified entity for Vocational Training, which trains young people and adults since 1995 in the areas of Industry, Energy, Electricity, Eletrotechnics to ensure their full employability.

Excellence Training

CIFOTIE’s Excellence training aims to provide trainees, the technological knowledge, in the practical level associated with the theories of knowledge, in order to facilitate their full integration into the labor market.

Contact with the Industry and the Companies

We also intend to have the permanent contact with the Industry and the Companies, to which we provide various services, including Tailored Training and Employment Club.

National coverage

To fulfill these goals, we have CIFOTIE’s Poles in several places in Portugal, with facilities and appropriate equipment to our activity.

As a result of our way of action, we achieve successful rates in all chapters, near total values of qualified employment in large, medium and small sized companies.
And we are still entrepreneurship factor, including the new technological areas of Renewable Energy.


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