CIFOTIE’s trainers

CIFOTIE has training staff with the suitable skills to teach in the different components of training:

Technological Training

These trainers have high level academic qualification: Under graduations, Masters, Post graduations, in the areas of Electrical, Electrotechnical, Electromechanical and / or Mechanical Engineering. They give trainees the acquisition of technical knowledge and specific skills, required for the development of activities inherent in the practice of the professions in the fields of electricity, electrotechnics, renewable energy and electromechanic, incorporating the capacity of critical analysis and problem solving.

Scientific training

These trainers have high level qualification in the area, and qualification for teaching in the field of training of their Learning Course. They convey scientific knowledge and structural skills, developed through observation, analysis and testing, contributing to a more conscious and reasoned professional practice.

Socio-cultural training

These trainers have high level qualification in the area, and qualification for teaching, and provide the trainees the acquisition and strengthen of the knowledge and personal, social and cultural skills, particularly in the areas of the Portuguese and foreign language, citizenship and employability, autonomous and team work, innovation and entrepreneurship and use of the new technologies.

CIFOTIE’s trainers are regulated by Ordinance No. 214/2011 of 30 May, which established the system of training and the certification of the trainers’ teaching skills who develop their activity under the National Qualifications System (NQS).

In addition to the certificate of teaching skills (CCP), CIFOTIE’s trainers have:

  • Higher education qualification;
  • Updated Technical expertise related to the training area of which he/ she is specialized;
  • Expertise in the Field of educational methods and techniques suitable to the type and level of training that he/she develops and the group of trainees specifically;
  • Necessary Knowledge for the assessment of learning;
  • Skills for networking and learning communities that allow him/her it to function as a facilitator of the learning process.

Activities of the CIFOTIE’s trainer

  • Deliver training for which he/she is enabled;
  • Plan learning situations that promote the mobilization of knowledge for problem solving;
  • Design and produce the technical and pedagogical materials and assessment tools necessary to develop the training process;
  • Ensure that the above materials are compulsorily available, in an organized way, in the training entity, preferably in digital format, to be used in other courses and to be shared with other trainers;
  • Evaluate trainees;
  • Collaborate with the other members of the technical and pedagogical team in the definition of training responses which are more suitable to the individual needs.

The trainer has a duty to have the trainers` internal regulations by which should act accordingly.

Trainers’ team

If you want to be part of our Internal trainers’ team, and you have all the qualifications necessary for the performance of professional Training, please send your curriculum vitae to the nearest CIFOTIE’s Pole.


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