CIFOTIE’s goals

CIFOTIE aims to meet the satisfaction of the training, qualification, certification and professional development needs, for a job with quality in the areas of Industry, Energy, Electricity and Electrotechnics, throughout the country.

With the ultimate goa l of Men and Industrial Companies Excellence, CIFOTIE aims for the ongoing Professional, Educational, Social and Cultural development, the dignification of the professions, their effectiveness and the people´s competence, towards full quality employment.

CIFOTIE’s Missions

In this goal table we point out CIFOTIE’s missions, aiming to job Quality:

  1. Support and Foster people and companies’ valuation:
    Certified Professional Training
    – Lifelong Training
  2. Provide Services to companies:
    Tailored professional training
    – Training professionals’ training
    – Technical and organizational support
  3. Promote training and professional integration of Youth and Adults under the scope of:
    – Dual Training System Learning Courses with Dual Certification
    – Education and Training Course for Young People and Adults
  4. Develop comprehensive and innovative Collaborative Projects at National and Transnational level
  5. European Certification, Recognition and Professional Competency Validation
  6. Encourage an Equal Opportunities Policy

Prepare qualified professionals to carry out multiple activities that integrate the Construction Industry and Public Works Sector, carrying out vocational training and Professional Certification actions:

  • Providing the needs and meeting the expectations of customers, both individual entities and / or companies;
  • Contributing to the dignity of Man, to the creation of a new generation of professionals, more aware and better prepared, as well as to the profitability of human resources and the materials given by Enterprises for their production;
  • Promoting personal and professional development of trainees using for this purpose, evolving pedagogical models which have, as a reference framework, the constant development of technologies applicable to the construction industry and to the most modern management techniques.

Having the ultimate goal the Excellence of Men and of the Enterprises of the sector seeking, through the Professional, Educational, Social and Cultural development, the dignification of the professions, their effectiveness and competitiveness of people.


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