Applying to the Courses

Applying to the Courses

On this page you can sign up in CIFOTIE`s Learning courses, which take place at the poles situated in several places across the country.

The Courses start on the first or last quarter of the year, and have an average duration of three years.
You can see which are the next courses in the lower left corner of the page.

If the course has vacancies in the poles you have chosen, it is more likely that your Pre-Registration is confirmed soon.
If there are no vacancies, your Pre-Registration will be in reserve, and you can be contacted by CIFOTIE when the course has begun at that place.

Choose your course and the places that interest you, insert your personal data and click the “Send” button.
Your Pre-Registration will be reviewed by us, and if accepted, CIFOTIE will contact you.

If you have questions, contact CIFOTIE.


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Choose the course that you want to sign up, and what are the CIFOTIE`s Poles you could attend:

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